The thing I have missed the most is going to the gym! The gym is my release, I go there to be alone (sounds silly with all those sweaty people there) but once those ear phones go in I am in the zone! So it has been really hard not being active and I’ve noticed I’ve put on weight. I think I’m a big boned person at heart, I have to work to keep in shape. Before returning to the gym I booked a meeting with my old athletics coach Nigel to ask him to train me again. Not for sprint training but to help me with my recovery. Sometimes I can be my own worse enemy by pushing myself too hard and I end up doing more harm than good so I wanted advice. Trust me I don’t want any further set backs, I’ve had enough for a life…Continue Reading
I had my first hydrotherapy session today at st Thomas hospital, I was nervous to return back to the hospital I had previously spent a month in. When I arrived at the physiotherapy gymnasium I was surprised  to see a large group of elderly people in the middle of a vigourous warm up (bit baffling as I was expecting to see a pool of some sort). I had to ask for directions to the pool, but I guess I wasn’t really listening as I ended up getting changed in the dry changing room instead of the wet changing room. Obviously confused to find no pool I returned to the gymnasium in just my swimming trunks (the Female OAPs stopped their exercising to cop a look). The phyiso shook his head surprised at my confusion, told me I didn’t listen and then led me and my belongings to the pool area.…Continue Reading
So I just finished watching ‘Rise of the 300’, which was a complete waste of time. I can’t remember anything memorable about the film. There was an over reliance of both CGI and fake blood which was constantly splattered across the screen. Anyway, the film finished at midnight And it was time for bed, I couldn’t wait as I was falling asleep on the sofa. You know when you get that feeling like you’re about to sleep and your counting down the minutes to crawl in bed and murder that sleep all night long. Unfortunately that didn’t happen for me something else was waiting. As I lay my head down, I started to suffer from sleep paralysis (one of the most scariest things ever, when you feel like your drifting off but you can’t move your body). It happened a few more times so I decided to sit up. After…Continue Reading
Wow it’s been 2 months exactly today since I’ve been out of hospital!  I look at this picture and it feels a life time ago. When in reality it was only 7 weeks ago I was unable control the movement of my limbs and was suffering from chronic pain. I was dosed up on 30mg of morphine every four hours and every other kind of pain killer that exists. Those of you that know me well, know I am a go getter. This is another chapter in my story on the road to success! You can’t always document the good times but the hard times define who you are as a person and also show you your true friends.