Big Easy is a barbecued & seafood’ restaurant in Covent Garden, serving great food within a lively atmosphere. I decided to go for the ‘Lobster Fest’; for £20, you get either a lobster roll or grilled whole lobster, which is served with chips and house salad, plus a drink (cocktail or craft lager or ale). I know what bargin! I am a big lover of lobster but never had a whole lobster that has not been cut up for me. So rolled up my shelves, tied up the complimentary  bib and dived in, it was absolute carnage. The lobster was rather tasty and do recommend visiting this place absolute bargain!
Today has been incredibly frustrating for me. New year, new goals and progress to make, it’s just a shame my body doesn’t always understand that message. Lying in bed this morning, my legs decided not to work, so I had to wait for them to wake up. I got out of bed and onto my normal morning routines, I felt ok except a little niggling headache. Luckily school was an INSET day so no kids for the day. During the training session at school my knees started burning and then it got progressively worse. I got up to leave the room, made it out of the hall only to collapse and have a grand mal seizure (whole body jerking but still conscious). I had another short-lived seizure and on recovering the level of pain in my knees was excruciating, it reached the level of pain I felt in the summer.…Continue Reading