So after the intense last few weeks, I had a holiday to look forward to in Vietnam!!! I was going to see my right hand man Jo, I mean right hand woman (just doesn’t sound the same). I was worried about going on this trip as this was the first time I had flown alone and especially after spending a week in hospital! However, I had decided nothing was going to stop me not even the the insane cost of travel insurance (£1007.44), I managed to get it down to £590.00 for 10 days, bargain. Emmanuel was due to pick me up 9:00am but as usual he was late but 9.30 for him really isn’t that late. We left for the airport, however I realised at oval I had forgotten one of my crutches so we had to turn back. We arrived at Heathrow at 11:00. My flight wasn’t until 15:05 so I had plenty…Continue Reading
It’s been a while since my last blog, It’s been a tough six weeks. I also didn’t have the words to describe them. I am going to try my best to do so from 35,000 ft in the sky.  The first week started off with me visiting the hospital and finding out my condition had become worse, it was hard to take in. You think I would be used to hearing bad news but when the neurologist was explaining i just zoned out and thought fuck! At the end she asked me if I understood, I replied no; “why is this happening to me?!” I don’t really want to go into details of how it has got worse but what I will say is; I am not dying however, the quality of my life will decrease. Right off to the next appointment, I thought  I was being efficient by booking…Continue Reading