The alarm went off at 6:30 am, my eyes opened but I wasn’t ready to move. At home it normally takes me an hour to get out of bed. I was keen to hide the discomfort from Jo because A; I really wanted to go and B; I didn’t want her worrying. Our pick up arrived at 8:00 am and involved a four hour drive in a mini bus, in the blistering heat of 33, plus I was sitting next to Jo (lucky me). We arrived at the port around 12:45, from here we took a small boat to the larger boat that we were going to be staying on over night. The room was decent for a boat, but in the back of my mind I was dreading the room, the last time I stayed on boat with Jo in Brazil it was an experience I wouldn’t repeat! But I couldn’t fault her…Continue Reading
After 16 hours of flying, arguing with doctors, flight attendants and having an attack at 35000 ft in the sky I finally made it to Vietnam in one piece. As I mentioned earlier I was really looking forward to this holiday as it would give me time to think about what the  consultant said and process it.  As I was coming off the plane I was greeted by an employee of Qatar airlines who took me to get luggage my in wheelchair. Once I had collect my stuff I was then greeted by “The Nottage”. I thought it would be a bigger greeting but i think she was more  concerned as to why i was in a wheelchair. I explained that I just didn’t  want to do  anything that made my knees flair up, plus i get to jump queues. It was really good to see her as it has been…Continue Reading