A lot of people have asked me what Just A Trying To Make It is about. Well it’s what it says on the tin. I am an ordinary guy who grew up on a council estate trying to succeed in life. When I first started this blog it was to primarily about talking about my recovery from a severe epileptic attack I had in 2014, which left me with excruciating pain in my knees and the inability to move my legs and walk. This thankfully lasted only few weeks, but the pain is something I now need to manage for the rest of my life. The focus in my life is on moving forward and ensuring that I live to the fullest. At times I will still talk about how my health affects me or how I have to recognise what my body needs. But my primary goal is to…Continue Reading
One of the things I find really hard to do in life is to switch off and just chill out. I’m often strategising or reflecting even when I know I should be relaxing. But when I do finally get the opportunity to take at least two weeks off, to travel somewhere new, learn about a different culture I fully embrace it. The change of location helps to give me a sense of calm and re-fuels my energy so I am able to get back into my productive mode. A good holiday doesn’t even have to be expensive although I am more than partial to sipping a rum and coke on a beach somewhere tropical. I’m hoping that I will get better at savouring these moments and ensuring they remain a priority in addition to growing a successful business. I’ve tried to summarise what I think the main benefits if a…Continue Reading