01 TH April 2015


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After 16 hours of flying, arguing with doctors, flight attendants and having an attack at 35000 ft in the sky I finally made it to Vietnam in one piece. As I mentioned earlier I was really looking forward to this holiday as it would give me time to think about what the  consultant said and process it. 

As I was coming off the plane I was greeted by an employee of Qatar airlines who took me to get luggage my in wheelchair. Once I had collect my stuff I was then greeted by “The Nottage”. I thought it would be a bigger greeting but i think she was more  concerned as to why i was in a wheelchair. I explained that I just didn’t  want to do  anything that made my knees flair up, plus i get to jump queues. It was really good to see her as it has been three months. For me she inbodies what a true friend is! She has always been there for me in my time of need and has helped me become a better a person. We actually went to the same secondary school but never spoke to each that much, we started speaking when be both became teachers at the same school. Since then we have become great friends. Everything I have been through over the last two years she has been one of the rocks, she helps to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think she also stops Sheri from killing me!!!!!
Right off to the hostel we go let the fun and games begin. We got a taxi from the airport as we left the hotel the sun hit me, the temperature was 30C (yep I am going to get a tan, I am going to come home glowing). The hostel was about a 30 minute drive from the airport, on arrival I was astonished about the amount of mopeds on the road. Crossing the road was very changeling, Jo said; “It’s best to try not to stop and continue walking at a slow pace” it was basically playing chicken with the cars and mopeds!
After settling down in the hostel and having a shower myself, Jo and and Alex (Jo’s traveling buddy) went out for dinner. At dinner we decided to have a snake shot, now I would normally say no but I thought when in Rome, do as romans do.
The shot was strong as hell. After dinner we went for a few cocktails, I do like a good cocktail, to be honest I was surprised I was still awake. We headed back to the hostel as we had a long day ahead we were visiting Ha Long Bay.


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