What a week

22 TH January 2018

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It’s crazy to think that three weeks of the year have already passed and time as always waits for no-one!

Thank you for all your messages and responses to my last blog. Really great to know people are reading and caring about what I write.

Last weekend was pretty action packed, myself and Emmanuel attended a party to celebrate our client DJ Melody Kane becoming a resident DJ for BBC 1Xtra. Huge congratulations to her, she’s a true grafter and deserves every success!

Saturday was pretty much a wipeout as I was still recovering from my visit to the hospital last week. I told everyone I was tired as it was easier than describing the pain I was feeling. I didn’t want to worry them again.

In the evening, probably foolishly I went to an awards ceremony in central London to celebrate Black British media creators. Maybe I should have cancelled going to this event but I had already paid for my ticket and thought it would be a good opportunity to network. It was a good night and the pain subsided enough for me to enjoy it.

I left by 11pm as I had an early start the next morning. I was excited to be returning to my old school to deliver a talk on resilience to the year 11’s.

When I woke up I felt absolutely fine, the pain had returned to its normal parameters. I was a little nervous about this talk as it involved me opening up to students that I had taught only last year. The talk went really well and the kids seemed to respond to it. At the end I was getting handshakes and congratulations of ‘well done sir’, can you imagine the irony?

Tuesday and Wednesday were difficult. The pain spiked enough that I couldn’t get any comfort. It wasn’t at the level where I would want to go to the hospital but it wasn’t far off. On Tuesday morning I had a Neurology appointment so I had to leave the house. I hate taking morphine when I go out as it muddles speech and thoughts so I decided that endure the pain until I returned home.

My appointment left me feeling low and frustrated. Nothing has changed majorly but my very experienced consultant still can’t figure out what is going on with me. It’s hard to know how to respond or where to go from that. The other consultants at the sleep and pain departments are equally as baffled. Despite their support and advice over the years, I wish I could have some definitive answers.

I took several deep breaths and tried to replace my anger with a sense of calm. I promised myself this year that I would work harder at looking at the positives and being more appreciative of my blessings.

I’m challenging us all this week when faced with our struggles to reflect on what we can be proud of and think about what we greatful as sometimes we can over look the things we have.


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